Each course is composed of one to 10 online classes. Most classes include an Introduction, Class Modules and tutored Tasting as well as a Review. Most classes, along with their Worksheets, can be completed in 60-90 minutes. Classes should be completed sequentially.

A Quiz concludes each class and a Final Exam evaluates knowledge gained throughout each course. Students achieving a score of 80 percent or above on their Final Exam will receive a printable Wine Spectator School certificate suitable for framing.

Courses can be completed without tasting and contain all the information required to know wine from an intellectual perspective. Nevertheless, appreciating wine is a sensual experience and completing the tastings will greatly increase your understanding of wine.

There are many options regarding when and where to taste:


• Most students share their tasting homework with friends. To hold your own wine tasting party, all you need to do is buy the wines, have glasses on hand, print out a copy of the tutored tasting and one copy of the tasting journal page for each participant.

• Some students work through the tasting while they're online

• A few take the tutored tasting and tasting journal pages to a local restaurant or bar where they can purchase the wines by the glass


Part of learning about wine is learning how to purchase wine. At Wine Spectator School, students purchase their own wines. To see which wines are required for each course, read the Wine List in the Course Catalog. You can print out the list and take it to your local wine merchant. Because most wines are not widely available, the Wine List recommends styles of wine—in various price ranges to suit your budget—rather than specific brands. This means that your local merchant should be able to recommend a wine from their own stock that will satisfy the tasting goals.

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