No wine review is released before it is made public to our readers. Wine Spectator staffers are not permitted to share wine reviews with anyone, including the producers of the wine, in order to prevent inappropriate advance knowledge of our reviews.

Reviews are made public either in Wine Spectator magazine's Buying Guide, the weekly Insider online newsletter, the Tasting Highlights or other features on our website or in our online Wine Ratings Search. These are not always simultaneous, however, so some reviews appear in one venue before the other.

The most efficient way to find out whether a wine has been reviewed is to search our website's Wine Ratings database (scores and tasting notes are available to members only) or our WineRatings+ app for iOS or Android devices (available with a monthly subscription). However, Insider and Tasting Highlights reviews may not appear in a database search until up to two weeks after publication, so please check recent editions for a complete update.

We do not publish reviews of all wines that are submitted to us for tasting; the volume of wines makes this impossible. We cannot respond to questions about if or when specific wines will be reviewed.