Yes, indeed, there is!

You can sign up for our free RatingsFlash email alerts, which were added to in 2014. You can see a sample here:

You can sign up from that page, or if you already have several newsletter accounts, you can go to our newsletter preferences page to manage your email subscription accounts:

Under RatingsFlash, select your preferred wine regions. We have 9 categories to choose from. 

Each time we publish a new issue of the magazine, we update our online Wine Ratings Search database with the new wine reviews. At that time, the RatingsFlash email alert is automatically sent out to everyone registered, customized to their preferences. If that issue contains reviews from your preferred regions, you will receive an email notification. The email will include a sampling of three high-scoring wines with prices, plus links to the full set of results in our Wine Ratings Search database, where you can then add individual wines to your Personal Wine List to track your shopping wine list or collection.

While the email alert is free access, you must be a member of to view the full set of reviews on our website. The email also identifies which issue of the magazine the reviews are appearing in, so if you are subscriber you can keep an eye for the reviews or you can pick up a copy when the magazine is available on newsstands. 

Please sign up and let us know what you think!