All browsers have extra plugins (sometimes called add-ons) that you can install on top of the original browser. While helpful, browser plugins can sometimes have unexpected side effects, such as blocking access to pages that you actually wish to reach.

For instance, one known plugin that causes this exact issue is the following add-on for Firefox: If you have installed that add-on, you will not be able to access the login page on

Each browser has its own system for managing plugins. Please use the links below to see what plugins you have installed. Try disabling a few plugins (this temporarily turns them off, but does not remove them permanently) and then try again to access the Log In page. Keep going until all plugins are disabled, or until you gain access to the page.

    1. Chrome:

    2. Firefox:

    3. Safari:

    4. Internet Explorer:

If you have disabled all plugins and you still cannot get to the Log In page at all, open a new support ticket and we’ll lend a hand.